This policy is to be read in conjunction with our E-Commerce Policy.

Bookings can be made via the Ski Players web site. 

All bookings must be paid for by Visa or Mastercard.  EFT payments may be accepted for larger bookings at the sole discretion of the booking officer although bookings will not be confirmed until the payment has cleared. Any booking made by phone must be confirmed by payment in full within 1hr of the booking being made and before arrival at the lodge (whichever is sooner).


Members and Guests are expected to clean up after themselves during their stay. WE are not a hotel. This includes washing, drying and putting away dishes after use, wiping down cooktops, tables and benches, emptying rubbish bins and cleaning up any spills. At the end of your stay, you are required to clean your room prior to checkout. There are no additional cleaning duties. Rooms not cleaned will be charged a cleaning fee of $150.


From 3rd August bookings commence for all members for the following year.
From 10th Janauary bookings are open for Guests.


Weekends – Friday night and Saturday night (2 nights).
Midweeks – Sunday night through to Thursday night inclusive (5 nights). Minimum booking mid week is 1 night.

Weekends can only be booked as a 2 night block, Friday & Saturday nights.

High and Low periods are set out on the Rates section of this web page. All other times are Summer rates.


Non paying Ski players accommodation persons (friends /family of paying guests) are NOT to be allowed access to the Lodge under any circumstances! 

If your wish to entertain NON paying persosns/people – Do it outside of Ski Players. Do NOT bring non paying and therefore non registered persos inside the Lodge. Security and the well being of Guests children and property is of the up most importance.

Your booking will be terminated should you allow this to occur. No refund will be given!

Check in – after 2pm

Check Out – Before 10am –  Please respect the arriving guests, just as the departing guests respected you, when you arrived.

Confirmation of bookings will automically be sent via email. 

All linen is provided for your stay, including sheets, towels, pillows, pillow cases, donas and blankets. When you arrive, you will be provided with a set of freshly laundered linen. Upon your departure you will be required to place your used sheets, towels and pillow cases in the laundry bag provided.

Rooms must be vacated by 10am on your check-out day and rooms cannot be occupied prior to 2.00pm on your check-in day. 


Ski Players as a Co-op does allows for cancellations based on the terms below:

More than 30 days prior to booked date – 80% refund.

Less than 30 days and beds are re-booked – 60% refund.

Less than 30 days and beds are not re-booked – 0% refund.

No refund or transfers for  member bookings that utilize member’s entitlements. No transfers of reservations for guests.

The committee may, at its sole discretion, choose to consider a cancellation due to extraordinary circumstances.


It is a condition of the provision of accommodation by this Club that the member/guest to whom accommodation is provided by this club is responsible for the safety of all valuables, equipment and clothing of the member/guest or of any guest of the member, and the member/guest releases this Club from all liability for loss or damage to any such valuables, equipment and clothing however caused and agrees to indemnify this Club against any claim which might be made against it for loss or damage to such valuables, equipment and clothing by the member/guest or any guest of the member.