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Arrival at PLAYERS

Check-in time is 2 pm and check-out time is 10 am

If you want to arrive early, notify the manager the day before and they will make arrangements for the temporary storage of your gear.



Players is located on Mount Hotham amongst the ski runs. It is situated approximately 40 metres from the main village road (refer to map), with a landmark being the village bus stop, number 7, just in front of Jack Frost. Players can be accessed from the driveway of Rangers Apartments and around to the rear of the lodge, across the access path.



Access from Melbourne is via the Hume Highway, Bright and Harrietville (367km approx. 4.5 – 5 hours) or the Princes Highway, Sale, Bairnsdale and Omeo (468km, 5.5 – 6 hours).


If arriving via Harrietville, proceed through the village to Bus stop 7 (In front of Jack Frost). Use the loading zone to unload your gear and transfer it to Players. A sled is usually available on the front entrance landing to make the transfer of gear easier. There is also a luggage delivery service by Skidoo available from Jack Frost at bus stop 7.



Is situated approx. 40m from the road (refer to map) so proceed up the driveway of Rangers Apartments and around to the rear of the lodge, across the access path to Players.

Your car must be subsequently parked along the road or in a car park (Slatey Cutting etc.) as directed by the signs or attendants. A minibus service operates along the road to and from the car park.



Buses run regularly to Hotham from Melbourne and Albury during the season. Contact Trekset Tours on 1800 659 009 for details of schedules. Security parking is also available at Harrietville with subsequent transfer to Hotham by bus, contact Hoys on 0357 592589 or 0357 592 658 for details.